Seventh Son Movie Review

Seventh Son Movie Review

Seventh Son is one of the most underrated and overlooked, funny fantasy films in the genre. Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a 12%, but I think they missed the entire point! Seriously, guys! Yeah, it was full of fantasy cliches some dorky lines, but that was kind of the point.

Seventh Son Movie ReviewThere is a special kind of fun in a story being told with all the things we’ve seen in fantasy, but the characters pointing at and mocking these tropes along the way.

The story follows a “Spook,” a witch hunter of sorts, named Master Gregory(Jeff Bridges). In the past, Master Gregory captured the evil witch, Mother Malkin(Julianne Moore), but she got away. When she threatens the world’s peace yet again, he takes up a seventh son of a seventh son(Ben Barnes) as his apprentice to help take her down.

You’ve got some cool bad guys, including shapeshifters and multi-armed men, as well as your wild trolls and women who can turn into dragons. Jeff Bridges plays Master Gregory and does a fantastic job of playing the kind of wizard who mumbles his responses and randomly shoots at whatever startles him. He continually tries to quell the seventh son’s fear and fury with bits of information that typically backfire and shows the poor old man doesn’t know half as much as he pretends to. It’s funny! And for those who like a little emotion in their stories, there are a couple little love stories to back it all up, but they’re by no means focused-on throughout the movie. Yeah, they are there and they are dealt with, but the entire story does not revolve around them. It’s not a romance. Seventh Son Movie Review

For those looking for a fun movie to sit and escape with, this is a good one. Don’t listen to Rotten Tomatoes. Grab a popcorn, unplug your kids, and watch the show with intent to enjoy the ridiculousness waiting for you. Seventh Son Movie Review

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