Rising Fantasy Authors

Indie authors are taking the literary world by storm. Some love it while others hate it. There seems to be this belief among many that indie authors have nothing professional to offer readers, but this has been proven wrong over and over again. Whether an indie author is making thousands of sales, or their work is just exceptional and should be seen more, here is a list of rising fantasy authors that we at The Book Tavern have built for you, our readers.

CL Schneider

Rising Fantasy AuthorsMarried with two sons, she lives in the Hudson Valley Region of upstate New York. While she enjoys reading books of all genres, her written works consist mostly of epic and urban fantasy for adults. An active member of the indie author community, you can often find her on social media chatting about the daily ups and downs of a writer’s life.


Andy Peloquin

Rising Fantasy AuthorsI am, first and foremost, a storyteller and an artist–words are my palette. Fantasy is my genre of choice, and I love to explore the darker side of human nature through the filter of fantasy heroes, villains, and everything in between. I’m also a freelance writer, a book lover, and a guy who just loves to meet new people and spend hours talking about my fascination for the worlds I encounter in the pages of fantasy novels.


Brian Anderson

Rising Fantasy AuthorsBrian D. Anderson is the indie-bestselling fantasy author of The Godling Chronicles, Dragonvein, and Akiri (with co-author Steven Savile) series. His books have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide and his audiobooks are perennially popular. After a fifteen year long career in music, he rediscovered his boyhood love of writing. It was soon apparent that this was what he should have been pursuing all along. Currently, he lives in the sleepy southern town of Fairhope, Alabama with his wife and son, who inspire him daily.

ML Spencer

Rising Fantasy AuthorsM.L. Spencer was born in Southern California and grew up on the works of Steven R. Donaldson, Stephen King and Frank Herbert. She wrote her first novel at thirteen.

By day she works as a biology teacher; by night she sweats over a beaten-up keyboard. Her novelDarkmage won the Indie-Reader  Discovery Award for Fantasy and became an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Her favorite authors are Robert Jordan, C.S. Friedman,  George R.R. Martin, David Eddings, Patrick Rothfuss, and Terry Goodkind.

Daniel Parsons

Rising Fantasy AuthorsDaniel Parsons is the author of The Winter Freak Show, Blott, Necroville, and The #ArtOfTwitter. His comedy zombie story called Necroville received critical acclaim and had been used to promote Hollywood’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie. His first non-fiction book #TheArtOfTwitter has been featured on the blog of the former head of Writer’s Digest and later went on to become an Amazon bestseller.

Besides writing, Daniel has worked for two publishing companies and runs workshops on how to grow an effective social media presence.

Jeremy Williams

Rising Fantasy AuthorsUSA TODAY BESTSELLING author J.T. Williams writes both epic fantasy, inspired by the likes of Tolkien, Salvatore, and Brooks, along with darker sword and sorcery, fueled by countless hours playing Elder Scrolls, The Legend of Zelda, and many other fantasy RPG/ MMORPGs. When he isn’t writing, he wages war in his backyard with his children having make-believe battles against the orcs invading from next door. He is married and has five little orc slayers.

As a longtime lover of fantasy and the surreal, he hopes you enjoy his contributions to the world of fantasy and magic.


KJ Colt

Rising Fantasy AuthorsU.S.A Today Bestselling author Kylie J. Colt writes fantasy with a psychological twist. By threading common psychological pathologies such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders into her storytelling, she creates deeper more dynamic characters.

She’s published almost a million words, and a half million of her books are in the hands of readers.

Logan Keys

Rising Fantasy Authors

#1 bestselling horror author Logan Keys is currently working on both her new disaster post-apocalyptic series The Long Fall while embarking on a new fantasy journey into Greek mythology. Sign up for her newsletter below.

Logan says much a writer as she is a soothsayer and preparer for those who are still blissfully unaware. Her stories aren’t dystopian but rather a warning for the next generation. When she’s not writing disasters, zombies, vampires, superheroes, and robots, she’s fighting against government over-reach and oligarchy using military tactics mixed with a little bit of poetry.

Logan’s currently stationed in Kansas with her husband, two kids, and furbaby while starting her voyage into fantasy, but she’s still “keeping it real” and writing futuristic sci-fi on the daily.

Saving imaginary planets one story at a time she says, “My words are my riot.”

Jason Paul Rice

Rising Fantasy AuthorsUSA Today Bestselling Author Jason Paul Rice’s real passion is to help people who have fallen victims to difficult circumstances. He would love to gain enough influence through writing to be able to supply books and ereaders to the underprivileged and homeless youths of the world. He wants to make sure every child has access to plenty of books to enjoy.

Jason Paul Rice was born and raised in the steel city of Pittsburgh. A strong work ethic was instilled in Jason from a very young age. Dedication and sacrifice were constantly exemplified by his mother, Judy, who taught Jason that nothing comes easy. After working extensively as a Chef (yes, you can ask him questions about food or cooking), Jason took the polar bear plunge into the icy waters of the book publishing world. He uses the accumulated lessons from a crazy life, and puts heart and soul into his writing.

Susan Faw

Rising Fantasy AuthorsSusan’s love of stories began before she could read or write. Her earliest childhood memories are of a make believe game she played with her sister, creating stories inspired by a picture chosen at random from a National Geographic magazine.

Susan loves to bring new worlds and fantasy adventures to young adults and inspire them to join her on her make believe journeys.

Brandon Barr

Rising Fantasy AuthorsBrandon Barr is a USA Today Bestselling Author who hails from Southern California. He writes in the genres of science fiction and fantasy and often combines the two, preferring stories where the science is soft, the fantastic is vivid, and the flesh and soul characters are front and center.

The Song of the Worlds saga is his breakout, genre-blending science-fantasy drama set in a vast fantasy universe where elements of science fiction are dominated by gods and monsters, visions and gifts.

His pulp fantasy series, Path of Heroes, co-written with Michael Anderle, is a sword and sorcery blend with a post-apocalyptic vibe (and a good dose of bawdy humor). Rogue Mage, book one in the Path of Heroes series was an Amazon #1 bestseller in three categories.

Steve Collier

Rising Fantasy AuthorsWell hello there! My name’s Stevie and I’m an American Fantasy Author who has just graduated University with a degree in Business and a degree in French.

When I’m not writing dark and high fantasy, you can find me at the gym pumping iron or running with my spoiled white Siberian Husky named Spartacus.

I love watching movies (Horror, Action, and Comedy) along with a lot of anime. Not to mention that I am also an avid MMORPG player!

I grew up with way too many creative ideas in my head and so I had to make a decision. Either I sit and write down all my stories… or allow my brain to explode fantasy all over the walls.

Jonathan Yanez

Rising Fantasy AuthorsMore animal than man, he bleeds caffeine and… Ah, I’m just kidding. It sounded cool though right?

I’m Jonathan, a former personal trainer turned full-time author and part-time model.

I could go on and on about how many books I’ve written and awards I’ve won and blah, blah, blah but I’d rather use this time for you to get to know the real me.

I write because that’s what I was born to do and I freaking love doing it. Because of awesome people like you, I get to do it full time.

Megan Haskell

Rising Fantasy AuthorsLegend has it, I was born with a book in my hands. When I was a kid, my mom would ground me from reading in order to get me to do my chores. My dad — also an avid reader — introduced me to Tolkien in my late elementary years, and I never looked back. I love escaping to worlds where magic and monsters are real, especially stories with kick-butt heroines and dangerously attractive heroes.

Despite my voracious book appetite, I didn’t start creative writing until I was working as a number cruncher in a big accounting firm. With an hour plus commute by train every day, and a demanding left-brain occupation, I needed a mobile creative outlet. A pen and paper are about as mobile as it gets! As the pages began to fill, I quickly moved onto a tiny laptop, and a writer was born.

Nowadays, I’m a stay-at-home-mom who prefers a good story over doing the dishes. I live in Southern California with my wonderfully supportive husband, two daughters, and a ridiculously energetic dog. You’ll find me squinting at my computer screen late at night, spinning my own fantasy adventures in those precious few hours when the house is quiet.

Angie Grigaliunas

Rising Fantasy AuthorsAngie Grigaliunas (grig-ah-LOO-nahs) is a part-time normal person and full-time author of fantasy/dystopian young adult books. And also some romance. (“She admits it! Murderer!”) She loves Jesus, the woods, and the stars, and has always wanted to be a superhero with a secret identity.

She has completed four books: one about elves that needs a massive revision before it ever sees the light of day, one that is part of her current story but also needs a massive revision to fit a new storyline, and the actual first and second books (Sowing and Quelling) in her dystopian fantasy series (The Purification Era). When she’s not writing, she’s usually Facebooking – ack! – or thinking about story stuff. Or exercising. Or eating ice cream, because life is short and ice cream is delicious. Despite several of her writing friends claiming she’s Canadian, she is not; she lives in Ohio with her dear husband, their goofy dog, and their crazy cats.

Sara C. Roethle is a Fantasy author and part-time unicorn. She enjoys writing character driven stories in various fantasy realms with elements of Celtic and Norse myth, humor, and metaphysical ponderings.

Phil Tucker

Phil Tucker is a Brazilian/Brit that currently resides in Asheville, NC, where he resists the siren call of the forests and mountains to sit inside and hammer away at his laptop. He is currently working on the epic fantasy series, Chronicles of the Black Gate, launched in May 2016.

David Estes has written more than 30 science fiction and fantasy books, his most famous of which are Fatemarked, Slip, and The Moon Dwellers. He has a love of dancing and singing (but only when no one is looking or listening), is a mad-skilled ping-pong player, an obsessive Goodreads group member, and prefers writing at the swimming pool to writing at a table. He loves chatting with his readers, all of whom he considers to be his friends. David lives in Hawaii with his beautiful Aussie wife, Adele, his asthmatic cat, Bailey, and his rambunctious son, Beau.

Laura Greenwood

Laura is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal romance, reverse harem, and contemporary romance.When she’s not writing, she can be found drinking ridiculous amounts of tea, trying to resist French Macaroons, and watching the Pitch Perfect trilogy for the hundredth time (at least!)

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