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Patricia MatternRONE award nominated, Vincent Price  Award Winning (Best Horror Author Reality Bites Magazine 2018, Best Thriller, Best YA, Best Horror Book, Best Novella) and Amazon #1 Author Patricia Mattern, aka  P.Mattern or‘Mama Fang’ , was composing stories in utero and was born with a stylus clutched in her tiny hand. She is the author or coauthor of over 30 books, has acted as guest editor and curator in numerous Amazon Bestselling anthologies and frequently writes with her adult children M.Mattern  and J.C. Estall on various projects.

She is the author of the award-winning Full Moon Series, Forest of Bleeding Trees, Shock of Night, Andy of the Damned, Strident House, Blood so Pure and is an author with publishers CHBB, Tell-Tale Publishing and Dark Books Press.

Her latest signed works, Riveted, Cold World, Vampire Princess, Vampire Queen, I’ll Make You Scream, Sufficient Evil, A House in Vermont and Vampire Orphanage will be releasing in 2019/2020

She is currently involved with one of her characters (“It’s complicated”)


Patricia, thank you for agreeing to this interview. You have an interesting background and career that preceded your writing career. How has your work in Mental Health enhanced or helped you create believable characters in which readers can relate?

I think having had an 18-year career as Mental Health Specialist has been a godsend in creating well-drawn characters with psychological issues, obsessions, emotional angst and deviant behaviors. Having dealt with a myriad of populations with a diagnosis of some form of mental illness I acquired front line experience that helps me recreate how their thought processes work and what motivates them.

I also believe most really ‘crazy’ people are NOT in treatment, but in the general population. My experience has taught me that everyone has issues.


Patricia matternYour Full Moon Series is currently six books strong with several novels co-authored by your children, J.C. Estall and Marcus Mattern. Tell us a bit about the series and what led to J.C. and Marcus joining you on your writing journey. In what ways do each of them strengthen your stories?

I loved writing with my adult kids! Both of them are smart, professional people and because they grew up with an older disabled sibling( my son Jeffrey who was the inspiration for Charley Rabbit) we were all on the same page. J C and I started the series because we coincidentally found out we were both writing a Vampire story. Marcus came in later-he was shocked that the first part of the book was entertaining. He initially loathed to read it-I mean how embarrassing to have relatives trying to write their first novel, right?

He has since gone on to win a Vincent Price Award for Horror, his own book contract and is involved in game development. He works for IBM in Colorado, is very concerned with pacing and continuity in the novels. JC is incredibly descriptive and is currently writing a spinoff novel. I am balls to the wall take no prisoners intent on moving the story forward as I am writing, and I love throwing in twists.

Having this writing dynasty going on is huge fun!


The first book in the series, World of Azglen, is a story about Charley Rabbit, a mentally disabled young man, who undergoes a rapid intellectual change after being bitten by a vampire. What themes or messages did you interweave into this tale that you hope readers and society will employ in their own lives?

This series in particular stresses themes of individual intrinsic worthiness-isn’t everyone ‘shiny’ in their own way? I am also big on themes of deep family loyalty, making family out of your friends even if you can’t seem to make friends out of your natural family.

Life is about change, and this is also a big theme in the series. Often what seems to be a failure or a drawback will turn out to be a huge blessing, we just have to remain flexible and open to it.

I wish society would value and appreciate our differences. I believe we are all here to learn from each other.

patricia mattern

Your latest release, Riveted, looks to be an exceptional addition to metaphysical fiction that entertains the idea of aliens possibly living on Earth. What can you tell us about the story and the main character?

I know everyone is familiar with theories that aliens might have been the original inhabitants of this planet. Having seen a UFO myself, flying above the treeline and keeping up with me as I drove along a dark country road in Virginia, no one can convince me they don’t exist.

The protagonist Jamison Bayes is a professional city girl who decides to swap a lifestyle that jaded her for a fresh start as an ‘off gridder’ in Alaska. She believes in UFOs based on an experience she had, but is initially unaware that her cabin is on the edge of Alaska’s own version of Area 51.

She has an eye-opening experience (winks) that gives her a mystery to solve.


patricia matternCold World releases on April 1, 2019, a novel that introduces the new Ice Age through the eyes of Billy Zhine. What surprises can you share that readers might discover in this fantastic story? What inspired the idea?

I love this story, and put a lot of research into it. It was inspired by real events! Most readers aren’t aware of ‘The Year without a Summer’ that was a global  phenomenon that occurred in the late 1800s and impacted weather patterns worldwide, causing crop failures, especially in New England, and very odd temperature changes. It was caused by a perfect storm of natural simultaneous volcanic eruptions involving the ‘Ring of Fire’ and could absolutely happen again.

Nowadays we’re dealing with Global Warming and polluting the planet, tsunamis, plus political fanaticism that could impact Life As We Know it.

Billy Zhine has grown up in an underground city in the diamond-shaped continent known as Naris after both of the North American Coasts have eroded and a new Ice Age has been ushered in.

I think this sci-fi thriller is a horrific vision of what might happen.


What can we expect from you in 2019? Anything else you would like to add?

Last year I wrote 9 novels and numerous novellas and shorts for anthologies-I SWORE I would never do that again.

I lied-sort of.  I have released  “Riveted’ since the first of the year and will be releasing ’COLD WORLD’soon, I was invited to be part of Kevin Kennedy’s 100 word Horror Drabbles , and wrote ‘The Weatherman’ for it and also wrote “Kitchen Window’ and ‘Hotel Key’ with L. Gauthier for Another Beautiful Nightmare Anthology.

Lynne Gauthier is my sinister sister in horror writing and we are working on ‘A House in Vermont’, the full novel inspired by a short we wrote together. We are also publishing ‘Miss Me’ which will be released at the beginning of May. I am working on book 7 of Full Moon Series. ‘Blue Moon’, and the third book in the Vampire Princess Trilogy. I am currently writing a paranormal novella ’Sex With A Selkie’. I am also releasing two other sci-fi thrillers later in 2019.

Next year I am learning guitar.


It has been a pleasure, Patricia! Please tell us where fans can find you online.

Thank you so much for all these original and probing questions!





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