Top Five Fantasy Releases of 2019

The New Year often comes with new releases in fantasy fiction that many readers have not had the chance to scoop up and read. Here are a few of the newest releases in 2019. Have you read any of them? 


new releases 2019

More than just the latest batch of dragons has been awakened.

An epic dragon riding adventure from Jada Fisher, author of the popular Dragon Oracle series. 

Eist has her hands full with her truly unique dragon. With her grandfather, and mentor, out of commission, she has no choice but to embrace her training. And her destiny. But she can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is wrong. Can she figure out what before it’s too late for her grandfather?

Awakened is the second book in the Brindle Dragon series which follows the story of a young girl and her most unusual dragon as they set out to defeat an evil they don’t even know exists.

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The Sharpened Blade

new releases 2019

The only thing Orla fears more than her enemies is her power. 

Fleeing the destruction of the Palace, Orla and Ged have begun a perilous journey. 
Ged must face for the first time what it truly means to be the son of the King. 
Orla burns with a secret that might destroy them both. 
Together, they seek an uncertain safe-haven on Koralis. Known as the Grim Isle, Koralis is a place of dark legend. The reality will prove to be darker still. 
The signs of Darkfall are all around them: in the oceans, the mer are waking; deep within caverns of stone, dragons stir. 
And with the return of magic to the world, Orla’s power too is growing.
With danger all around, they must each draw on their deepest strengths to survive. 
But what will they do when they realize the greatest danger they face is the one they can’t outrun? 







Empire Asunder Box Set

new releases 2019

From humble beginnings is greatness born…

An ambitious king sacrifices his son to win a throne. A quiet soldier saves a princess and a kingdom. A common servant stands against monstrous evil…

EMPIRE ASUNDER is the character-rich fantasy saga of the collapse of the Empire of Twelve Kingdoms, and the rise of heroes who fight to save their homeland and loved ones through the chaos of war and demonic invasion.

This box set contains the complete first trilogy: Three of SwordsHearts of Fire, and Shield and Crown. It also includes Empire Unveiled: The Complete Sourcebook for the World of Empire Asunder, previously available only from the author’s website.

What readers are saying about the series:

“a great series, set in a politically developed world, with rational and realistic characters.”

“The story had a bit of everything (politics, warfare, intrigue and relationships/romance).”

“The characters are people who smoothly grow with the reader’s exposure to them and who grow within themselves as the story progresses.”

“With detailed description and clarity of the story and characters, the reader is easily able to become enthralled within each situation, yet shockingly thrown off guard by unforeseen twists and turns.”

Faith of the Forsaken

new releases 2019

Angels and demons walk among us. Nathan Miller, an assistant pastor in a quiet town, doesn’t believe in them. His life is thrown into chaos when terrorism strikes his town and a reactionary religious militia rises against it, and a surprise encounter with a demon-possessed young woman forces him to face the truth.

The archangel Uriel knows Nathan is heir to supernatural powers and could be the key to victory. While he guards Nathan he must also protect humanity from a terrible secret that could destroy them all. In this blood-soaked epic they are about to learn that evil cannot be bargained with, but is it too late to stop the Apocalypse?












Brimstone & Broomsticks

new releases 2019

Maintaining the town wards is the only witch-magic Cassandra Perkins performs—well, except for that time she set her ex-boyfriend’s pants on fire. But when she gets stuck defending a man who claims to be the son of the devil against assault charges, Cassie finds herself firing up amulets and dusting off her broomstick.

Who knew a demon could be so hellishly sexy? Or that his arrival could cause so much trouble in a town full of werewolves, trolls, and harpies?


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