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marco marekMarco Marek was born in Italy. He always had a fervid imagination and a passion for fantasy stories, medieval magicians, ancient history, and unexplained mysteries. While he was visiting a castle in Eastern Europe, he had the idea of writing Hyperearth. Apart from writing, Marco is also a painter and photographer, he likes digital artwork on Photoshop. The cover of Hyperearth is his creation. He loves traveling when he has some free time.

Marco, thank you for agreeing to this interview. In 2014, you published Hyperearth, a fun adventure that one reader said was a cross between Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Tell us about the inspiration for this novel and how it sparked your desire to pursue a writing career.

You’re welcome; it is my pleasure. While I visited Spiš castle, the set of many movies, in particular Dragonheart, I had a thought to create my own fantasy epic story. During a trip to Slovakia, I visited another castle and I was inspired to name of the city where the two teenage girls might live, Lubena. I adapted it from the original city Stara Lubovna in Slovakia. When I got back home I started to write a plot. With castles in mind, I had the idea to write a time travel novel with two heroines discovering a parallel world. After finishing the novel, I researched publishing options for several years. When the promises of publishing from some people fell through, I found that I could publish as an indie author and so my career started.

marco marekYou are known for loving travel. After looking at the unique setting for Hyperearth and seeing that your novel Amstel Girl takes place in Amsterdam, I am curious whether you travel to all the places you write about. If not, what research do you undergo to make it realistic?

Yes, I travel to all the places in which I write. In Amsterdam, I have been to the places that are in the book, so if readers search for the locations, they will find them, except for Hyperearth, of course; that is in an imaginary city. My short story, Angels, is set in New York where Jay, the main character, lives in Herald Square. My hotel was located there when I visited. Jay also visits places I went like the shopping district, Times Square, and Staten Island.

Your most recent story, Magic Streets: Prague Bound honestly draws my attention more than any other of your works. I am completely infatuated with Czech Republic and their culture. Please give us a breakdown of the characters and the story.

marco marekI’m honored that Magic Streets draws your attention, Prague is a perfect set for every fantasy story when considering their monuments, art, and mystery ancient stories. The story has four main characters. Jack is an American photographer who lives in Essex, England. He is a good guy and likes to travel for work. Mrs. Vltava Orient is his landlady. He rented one apartment from her. She is an enigmatic woman, who dresses a little weird with an ostrich boa and bright colors. She is a tarot reader, clairvoyant, magician, and witch; she will drag Jack into their business… Lenka is a nice girl very attractive who work on the Golden Lane at Prague Castle. Jack has been struck by her kindness and beauty but he feels something is wrong with her. He discovers that she is a witch’s apprentice. Jiri is a bridnet, a boy with superpowers. He is a hybrid half human half alien, and has a good soul. He uses his powers to help people. Jack admires him.

marco marekThe blurb for Magic Streets promises “magic, turmoil, danger, and a newfound love”, which honestly is the perfect recipe for any story. Considering this is book one, what can you tell us about the upcoming books in the series? Are we looking at a trilogy or more? What do you have planned for poor Jack?

Yes, it should be a good recipe. I hope readers will appreciate it!  Book 2 is set in London. I’m writing it right now, and yes I know the city very well. I have been there eleven times! I put all the places I like in the story plus a few other things I researched. Yes, I thought a trilogy would be okay; no more than 3 books for now. Haha true, poor Jack had his life twisted since his arrival in Prague. Mrs. Orient was clear, you have to accept your new life, since you have found the magic street.  He will live with his new power because in every city there will be a magic street. He could travel into through the streets, fighting some awful creatures, and who knows…maybe he will marry a witch?

What can we expect from you in 2019? Anything else you would like to add?

I have several books coming out! The complete trilogy of Magic Streets, the sequel of Hyperearth and another book I started about my city. A fantasy story, of course!  I hope to win other prizes and to sign a contract with a publisher. It seems it will be a busy year, doesn’t it?

It has been a pleasure, Marco! Please tell us where fans can find you online or in the upcoming year at events.

Well I wish to be in Miami again at the Readers Favorite awards in November, but fans and readers could find me at :









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