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icreatedailyDevani and LeAura Alderson are a mother-daughter team from a small family of entrepreneurs in media publishing.

They manage multiple websites and ecommerce brands, in addition to the iCreateDaily brand and podcast for creators serious about their art.

iCreateDaily is a podcast, website, ecom brand and supportive community for creators, with a special focus on profiting by doing the work you love to do.

The iCreateDaily trademark brand includes goals journals and products that support productive daily creativity, because ‘The day is the way’ to achieve your dreams.


LeAura and Devani, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Your brand, iCreateDaily, is not only unique among creatives but entrepreneurs at large. Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sparked the concept?

As creators with writers, fiction writers and entrepreneur product creators in our family, we know firsthand the challenges and struggles of creators. The struggle is real and we’re passionate about creating solutions for the success of creators serious about their art.

Most creators are passionate about creating, but not the marketing, sales and business building side of things. Yet without that skill, your creative work can languish in the long tail of oblivion.

You may have dusty boxes of books or products in your garage or slow sellers in the nether regions of obscurity on Amazon. Or you may just be starting out on this journey.

We’re still on that creator’s journey, and certainly don’t have all the answers, but our mission is to find and create solutions for fellow creators.

iCreateDaily is about encouraging and supporting all genres of creators to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. We’ve discovered two super simple yet profoundly effective ways to do just that:

  1.     The power of daily creating
  2.     Mindset training and reframing

Toward helping creatives, we have an interactive and supportive Facebook group and email list. We send daily brief emails toward helping writers, artists and entrepreneurs grow their brands.

We also host a new Creator’s Corridor on the website, where creators can publish their content.

The Creator’s Corridor is for creators who need a website presence or need more traffic to their existing website. Creating content on other sites is the number one best way to grow the traffic to your own website and social media pages.

We are actively growing the traffic to the iCreateDaily website so that our traffic can also increase the traffic for our members. Through these platforms, we help creators grow their own brands as well.

Helping others create more of their own success is our favorite thing to do.


icreatedailyWe have seen mixed reports on the success of entrepreneurs in the United States over the past several decades but did see an uptick in startup businesses in the last couple of years. With the top three challenges being (1) cash flow, (2) marketing, and (3) time management, what quick tips might you offer creatives who are trying to start a business with their art?

  1.     CASH FLOW: First, if you have a job, keep it and build your creative business on the side, because building a new business takes persistence over time. Startups with more capital cushion for business building make more progress.  Your business is a baby, and you can’t expect it to support you right away. It needs to develop and grow up a bit with your support.

  2.     MARKETING: Today, more than ever, marketing is about relationship building. Build your brand by:
    1.     Commit to the long haul. Recognize that your job is to create your art and to…
    2.     Create a following of people who love your work or even the topic of your work.
    3.     Contributing content of interest for free to your fans. Think of it as courting a friendship
    4.     Build your email list through also building your brand on one or two social platforms – whichever one/s you naturally frequent the most.

  3.     TIME MANAGEMENT: The hands down, best thing you can do toward achieving your goals is to set goals and work them daily. We like to set 90-day goals then break that into monthly, to weekly and then down to daily stints. Our time management tools are:

    1. Toggl’s free time tracking app
    2. The iCreateDaily 90 Day Goals Journal and Planner (you can get a free 30 day PDF download here).

Beyond that we would add this:

The 5 most important things for success above all else is:

  1. Create daily. The day is the way.
  2. Commit for the long haul. Success requires long-term thinking (patience) and short-term action, repeated daily (diligence).
  3. Learn new skills. Choose the next most relevant one you need for where you are in your journey. Apply what you learn through daily action and creating.
  4. Have fun! Enjoy the journey! Embrace the joy of doing, learning and growing. Even—or especially—the hard stuff because that leads to our greatest growth.
  5. Gratitude. Remember the blessings in the lessons… the gains not the gaps. Daily gratitude, like daily creating, makes all the difference!

Success requires long-term thinking and daily action. Macro vision… micro application.


Your podcast has aired over 180 episodes. Needless to say, you have had your fair share of conversations about business growth, goals, habits, productivity, and more. Have you come across common themes to success? How about common red flags?

There have been so many great habits from all the people we’ve interviewed, including you Joshua! You’ve shared so many jewels for creators.

THEMES TO SUCCESS: Persistence, perseverance, creative discipline, and a willingness to do hard things like learning tech systems and/or hiring outsourcers.

COMMON RED FLAGS: For creators, a common pitfall is thinking your job is done when your creation is done. Instead, that is part 1. Part 2 is sales and marketing. Without that, your brand cannot be found and is much less likely to find its way into the world.

Your creation is the birth. Marketing and brand building is raising that child.

For more of the success habits shared by guests on the iCreateDaily Podcast, you can get a free PDF download here.



Thank you! I think it is important to recognize that iCreateDaily is so much more than a podcast. What strategies do you employ to empower creatives? Tell us about the community you are building and the 90-day gratitude journal.

We’ve covered most of this in our other comments, and here’s a recap.

We’re building what we needed:

A supportive, collaborative, and informative place for content and product creators to learn and grow, connect and collaborate, succeed and thrive while doing the work you love.



iCreateDaily is a movement for creators serious about their art.

Our Movement: to create daily.

Our Mission: To Create… Connect… Contribute.

Our Mantra: The day is the way.”

Our Method: 90 day goals, worked daily.

Our Mindset: Gratitude and growth.


Absolutely love it. How can creatives get involved with iCreateDaily?

You can visit us through our website at, and from there, access all our offerings:

  • ‘Like’ the iCreateDaily Facebook Page
  • Join the iCreateDaily Facebook Group for accountability, support and connections
  • See and apply to join the Creator’s Corridor
  • Download the free iCreateDaily 30 Day Goals PDF or buy the 90 Day Goals Journal
  • Find the newest member to the iCreateDaily family – the iArtDaily Intuitive Art Journal
  • See the I’m Thankful Daily – Gratitude Journal
  • Visit our store for all kinds of iCreate artsy apparel and products for creators


You’ve had a busy year interviewing creatives, entrepreneurs, and future leaders through iCreateDaily. What you have planned for the upcoming year?

We’re just releasing 4 new art journals: 30 Day iArtDaily Journal for Intuitive Art, with more to come, in addition to 3 more versions of the Gratitude Journal and a few others in the i_____Daily family of brands.

In addition, we’re aspiring to increase our podcast interviews and supportive offerings for our Creator’s Corridor members.

We thrive on seeing and celebrating the success of others.  

We believe that the more people can prosper through doing work they love, the more good, beauty and joy there will be in the world.

It has been a pleasure, LeAura and Devani!

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