Coolest W.o.W. Items For Your Gamer Life

Coolest W.o.W. Items

W.o.W. is a game most people into video games have heard of at some point, and it’s one worth delving into, for many reasons. So who wouldn’t want some of the coolest W.o.W. items in their every day grind?

But first…

What is W.o.W.?

W.o.W., or World of Warcraft, is one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), taking place in a fantasy world called Azeroth. Well, there are other worlds in which the gameplay takes place like Draenor and Outland, but we’re going to talk about Azeroth for right now.

The world’s inhabitants consist of two factions: horde and alliance, and each faction is made up of seven main races.

world of warcraft races

After you choose your faction and race, you start running quests and as you finish them and hone your skills, you level up. With every level, you get new skills and strengths. One of the best things about the game is everything you can see as you run quests. Whether you want a beach or lush rainforest, there is some of every landscape in this game. The colors are vibrant and glowy. It’s like you’re surrounded by magic!

There are hours of play time available to you because the map of this universe is massive. World of Warcraft has been the source of escape for millions of gamers for many years. So you can imagine the fandom built around it, and the desire to surround one’s real world with cool merch!

So what kinds of W.o.W. inspired things for your home are out there, available to order at the click of a button?

Well, let’s start with the most important thing. Food.

The Official Cookbook for World of Warcraft

Coolest W.o.W. ItemsWho wouldn’t want World of Warcraft inspired cuisine for their very own kitchen? Heck, what would stop you from dressing up and going full-blown role-playing with some of your closest gamer friends?

Potluck in Azeroth!


Or Alliance. Whatever.


Other kitchen items I had to include:

Coolest W.o.W. ItemsCoolest W.o.W. Items(I haven’t seen these for Alliance yet)


Coolest W.o.W. ItemsCoolest W.o.W. ItemsAnother staple in the W.o.W. home is a mug. Whether you use it for your morning coffee, evening tea, or blood-of-your-enemies in between, it can serve as a bright reminder of the side you’re on in the Battle for Azeroth, Alliance or Horde.


Wall Art

Coolest W.o.W. Items There’s nothing quite like walking into your home to be greeted by Illidan Stormrage across your living room wall! Come on, guys. Honestly. What W.o.W. fan wouldn’t want this? And Illidan Stormrage isn’t the only piece of visual epicness you can get! There is a Cataclysm painting, or this huge Horde Heroes poster!




World of Warcraft Clock

Coolest W.o.W. Items For all those collectors out there, or for those who just need to keep track of wibbly wobbly timey wimey things, this clock is a cool thing to add to your hoard.

Hehehe….get it? Hoard?





Monopoly – World of Warcraft Edition

Coolest W.o.W. Items You know those days when you can’t go to Azeroth because your mom took away your electronic privileges after you painted the neighbor’s cat green? Well, have no fear! Monopoly is here! World of Warcraft edition!

I admit, my inner kid is squealing right now. Why didn’t they have these cool things twenty years ago?



These are only a few of the utterly awesome things available to you from this wonderful fantasy game and world. Now there is nothing stopping you from hoarding all the cool stuff and filling all your W.o.W. needs at home.

There’s nothing more to say here but what Owen Wilson says best.


[Heads up: this post is written by me, Lilian Oake, who only started playing the game two years ago. Before that, I pined after it most of my life, but never got a chance to play. My knowledge of all the depth and details is like 1% of what there truly is in this game. Seriously! If you have the opportunity, go try it out!]

Don’t forget to check out this interview with R.A. Salvatore!


Coolest W.o.W. Items Coolest W.o.W. Items Coolest W.o.W. Items Coolest W.o.W. Items Coolest W.o.W. Items Coolest W.o.W. Items

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