Best Book Covers Week 5 November

Best Book Covers Nov. 27-30

best book coversNov. 27: Survivors of PEACE by TA Hernandez. I like when I see a cover that’s different, and this is. A muted color with a bold splash of color to catch the eye. Clever design with a nice genre tie. Perhaps it’s not amazing, but it’s cool, and sometimes cool simplicity is more attractive than amazing complexity. (Simple = best)






best book coversNov. 28: Abandoned by Kathleen O’Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear. This image stopped me in my tracks and the only real reason is the detail in that figure stuck in the ground. Sure, the background is good. That author text leaves a ton to be desired, but that figure is enough all by itself.






best book coversNov. 29: Breach by W.L. Goodwater. Text based covers usually need some sort of dynamic composition. The vertical format does that. The crack of light does that as well. The splashes of color help a bit. This cover isn’t the most amazing text-based cover ever, but it does the job.




best book coversNov. 23: Dragon Shadow by Elle Katharine White. I normally hate covers where there’s a figure in front of a background, but here are the things that make this one different. First, the figure isn’t covering a significant part of the landscape. Second, I’m not staring at the back of a head. At the very least, I have some sort of profile and wonderful light to make the figure a part of the image. The elements add together into one cohesive cover. Here’s the real cool part. Look close! Think about the title. Look at the snow in the lower-right corner. Do you see it? Using shadow to add content is wonderful. And that shadow of a dragon creates depth and scale. That is what makes this cover really work for me.



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