Best Music For Writing Fantasy

Let’s touch one something every fantasy writer has a love/hate relationship with: The Best Music For Writing Fantasy.

Sitting down and writing is rarely as easy as it sounds. Often times, there is a routine of preparation for the time one puts aside to write, and besides snacks and drinks, music is essential for many writers–especially fantasy writers. But finding the best music for fantasy writing can be a problem all its own! Some music is too loud, and unless you’re writing a battle scene, is a bit jarring on the senses. Other music can be too quiet and bring on some yawns, which is an absolute no-no when writing.

There are some tips I always offer on finding the right music when giving advice to an aspiring author.

  1. Find music without lyrics. Your mind won’t be so distracted by the innate desire to sing along and ponder on what the lyrics mean.
  2. If you don’t like music, try binaural beats. There are some made specifically for the brain’s change in waves when studying and helps just as much when writing.

Best Music For Writing Fantasy
Did you know
, video game soundtracks are designed to blend into the background of your mind, and help you delve into the task at hand? It’s one reason why you get so sucked into the gameplay. All while stimulating your senses enough to help you focus. Most of what I do is accompanied by fantasy music in the background. Video game music is by far some of the best music for writing fantasy.




Let me share a few of my all time favorites!

  1. Peter Gundry – I’ve been following his growth as a composer for the last several years, and I have played his music around the house as I did dishes, folded, laundry, cleaned, etc. Some of my favorites? Lady of the Dawn, Lament of the Shadow Elves, The Forest Queen.
  2. Jeremy Soule – he is the composer for the fantasy video game, Skyrim, ESO, and more. His music is what I find blends theBest Music For Writing Fantasy smoothest into my background and helps my mind find its chill. Some of his music is even enough to help you get to sleep! Some of my go-to music from him? Rain’s Hand, Peace of Akatosh, Njol, Tundra, and Secunda.
  3. Brunuhville – Though I don’t think he’s done video game soundtracks, he does make music that packs a fantastical punch. When I need something with an adventurous and magical feel to like Narnia, I know Brunuville will deliver. Some of my favorites from him include Lumina, The Last of His Name, and The Realm of the Fallen King.
  4. Music from World of Warcraft – This has been one of the soundtracks I’ve written to the most. You can get music for almost any setting from this game. Taverns, forests, mountains, anything! Some of my favorites? Dalaran [Broken Isles], Elwynn Forest, Grizzly Hills, Nightsong, and Eversong Woods.

There is a whole world of music to explore when you’re looking for the right sound. Sometimes, it may not be Youtube to turn to. There are many other websites with indie composers who are looking to share their sound and make their mark on you…and your books. Before I go, I have one more suggestion. If you are a writer who just doesn’t enjoy music, but still needs a little something extra to help  you delve into your scenes, there is a website called “Tabletop Audio.” This is a site where you choose your scene and they provide sound effects.

Chatter in a tavern. Wind through the mountains or tall grass. Warzones. Dinner parties. Bogs. Spaceships. River towns! They have everything! So get your snacks and drinks ready. Find your headphones and put on a movie for the kids. Then sit down and delve so deep into your writing that you can hardly tell what world you’re really in.

Check out our list of rising fantasy authors, then track them down and see what they do to get into their writing groove!

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