Best Book Covers: Week 5 of August

Featured Book Covers Aug. 21-27

Aug. 28: Bitter by V. Moody. So this is just an extremely detailed figure/ground image. Some may argue it’s line art, and I wouldn’t really argue, but the point is you have a great colored background broken only by lines. I love the detail. It’s not astounding, but it is unique, and that sort of thing matters. I think the smartest aspect of this is the use of a strong color for the background. That catches the eye. People like me will follow those lines until they wonder where the week went.





Aug. 29: The Truth Lies Here by Lindsey Klingele . I’ve seen a cover like this before, but not too many times, and this one stands out a bit more at any rate. The layering and positioning creates fantastic depth. The title text is in a line that leads straight to the central figure (balanced by the rest of the “field”). The light at the entrance is enough to hold the eye. It’s a well-done cover.





Aug. 30:  Invisible Born by Lucía Ashta . A titled background must be tilted for a reason, in this, it’s to keep the subject even on the frame. It makes the image a bit dynamic. That dynamic composition offsets the flat light (which is a demerit). The detail is a nice touch, and the background is pretty interesting as well.






Aug. 31: Augmented Reality by James Jackson.  Eyes are powerful. This works because the face is JUST gradual enough to fall off from the face to the title text. The line created by the bridge of the nose helps draw the viewer’s eye to the title text. The spot color also adds to it. It’s simplistic, but it has stopping power.






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