Best Book Covers Week 4 of October

Best Book Covers Oct. 23-29

Oct 23: Machine City by Scott Holliday. I like the use of space and contrast. I love the figure ground and the use of the text. It’s a strong combination of two compositional techniques that just work really well together. Holliday tends to do figure ground covers, but his designer always adds one more element just to give it a fresh feel. This cover is just another example of it.







Oct. 24: Likely Stories by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. I always like it when designers use text in different ways, and the author text does a great job of drawing the eye and leading it to the apartment windows. The title text is in a great spot as well. It’s just a clean cover with clever use of text.






Oct. 25: The Hunt by Brad Stevens. I thought this was a clever idea. I like the collage feel to it. I like the black background with a splash of color that doesn’t overpower the whole design. It sets the right tone for a chilling story.








Oct. 26: Metal Angels Part 4 by D.K. Girl. I like these covers. Yeah, that dragon isn’t cropped very well (right at the head), but the detail, color and tone make up for it. It has good tension (created by the two creatures on opposite corners). It’s clean and interesting, and that’s all a cover really needs to be.






Oct. 27: Neverland Falls by Justin Harrison. This is a fairly decent cover. Better light would have made it outstanding. This is a tad flat. But, it’s a really cool set of armor with text that’s well placed, so it works, especially for the genre.







Oct. 28: Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson. The astronaut just jumps right off the cover. The light is subtlety good. Notice the shadow and highlights. Usually, the white would get overexposed (or blown out or too bright, they all mean the same thing). Here, the detail is perfect. The text is placed well and catches the eye. Everything is composed perfectly. I’m not sure what’s going on with that one random spot of light by the figure’s left knee though. Still, it’s a very good cover.






Oct. 29:  Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. MaasThe warm color in the background does a nice job of adding color to a gray-toned figure. I wish the light was a bit more dynamic (it’s very flat), but the detail is solid, and the text is well placed and well chosen. The energy of the hair and outfit is also nice. I probably wouldn’t have selected this cover if there wasn’t some form of movement on the figure, but I imagine the designer knew that energy was needed.





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