Best Book Covers: Week 4 of August

Best Book Covers Aug. 21-27

Aug. 21:  The Last Great Reaper by Billi Bell.
Honestly, it’s just a classically great cover for the genre. I can almost touch the blood. (I thought it was on my screen for a moment!) It’s just a silhouette, and this one isn’t that special except that it’s an immediately recognizable symbol. (Also, I have a soft spot for stories about reapers.)


Aug. 22: Bellwether by Susanna Kearsley. I like the scheme of this image. It’s pretty. I love how the figure is perfectly between the two words. Reflections and silhouettes always go well together, and this is just another example of that. The title text is pretty diminished being lowercased and small, but the gold lines help draw the eye to it.



Aug. 23: Home Coming by #AAmerican. This is just a nice use of landscape and composition. I like the use of title text. I like the light. It’s a pretty solid image. The silhouette yanks the eye, and the trees bring the eye up from the boat to the title text.



Aug. 24:  Pipe of Wings by Sarah K. L. Wilson. Spot color is a powerful tool. It yanks the eye. The form of the dragon also leads to the title text, which compliments the color of the dragon. I don’t talk about spot color in these posts a whole lot, but when you have a neutral cover and splash it with one vibrant color, you get great contrast, and that draws the eye. This cover does that well.


Aug. 25: Through Fire by Jason Hamilton. I’m pleased by the depth created by the ring around the character. The light is flat, and that’s something that I’m not too much of a fan of, but I want to give credit to a clever concept. The detail in the character is good too. I like the color. I wouldn’t have selected this were it not for that ring though.


Aug. 26: The Winter Vow by Tim Akers. This is a typical fantasy cover. Reminds me a bit of #BrentWeeks, but his covers remind me of other covers. Still, the color is nice. The light is solid. The composition works. The color is the strongest trait of this particular image.


Aug. 27:  Ravencry by Ed McDonald. I like the blending of this image. Some might argue it could be more gradual, and I couldn’t honestly argue with them, but I’m a fan. The cloaked, silhouetted figure is overdone, but the duotone between warm and cool is original, and that’s what drew me to the image. I like the title text and author text. It’s well done.



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