Best Book Covers Week 4 November

Best Book Covers Nov. 20-26

Best Book Covers Nov. 20: Mimic’s Last Stand by James David Victor. The light here is interesting. It feels a bit understated, but it works for this style of art. I like the style in which this was rendered. The detail in the figure is well done. That along with the light are what caught my attention.






Best Book Covers Nov. 21: Vigil by Bard Constantine. If I’m being honest, I was back and forth on this cover. You see, the detail and light are amazing, but I can’t stand the direction of the subject and that little speck in the middle of the left side of the frame. So what broke the tie? First, the text is actually very good and the figure is cool. Things that are cool can sometimes make up for imperfections in technique. This is one of those times.




Best Book Covers Nov. 22: Enclave by Thomas Locke. So honestly this is just a combination of two things that on their own aren’t impressive. The graphic line art of the bird is pretty common (especially in dystopian scifi). The landscape is also common. Why this caught my eye is that it combines two overdone genre staples into one idea that’s a bit fresher than the others. The light is interesting. The text makes sense. Honestly, just combining those two ideas helps it stand apart.




Best Book Covers Nov. 23: Dragon Shadow by Elle Katharine White. I normally hate covers where there’s a figure in front of a background, but here are the things that make this one different. First, the figure isn’t covering a significant part of the landscape. Second, I’m not staring at the back of a head. At the very least, I have some sort of profile and wonderful light to make the figure a part of the image. The elements add together into one cohesive cover. Here’s the real cool part. Look close! Think about the title. Look at the snow in the lower-right corner. Do you see it? Using shadow to add content is wonderful. And that shadow of a dragon creates depth and scale. That is what makes this cover really work for me.




Best Book Covers Nov. 24: The Last Emir by Simon Turney Author aka SJATurney. The light is the strongest aspect of this cover. The background is pretty interesting, and I like the way the sand storm looks, but the light was the most well-done part of this cover. I like the rim light separating each subject from the muted background. I wish I had more than a profile, and I wish the subjects weren’t on top of each other, but it’s a solid image.




Best Book Covers Nov. 25: Blackwoods: The Beginning by Teressa J Martin andAdaline McMillan. I love the contrast and use of color for this book. It has nice tension and beautiful symmetry. It’s great composition, contrast, and color. This is a strong image.






Best Book Covers Nov. 26: The Star of Whatever by Andrew Einspruch. I’m a sucker for silhouettes, and I always will be. This one stands out because of the splash of color. What really tickles me though is the branches leading and framing the figure and text. It’s a great little detail that deserves some credit. Also note the shadow. This designer understands how silhouettes are created, and that means there’d be a shadow in front of the subject. It’s clever. Is it really detailed? Actually, yes. Those branches and the fringe of that dress are meticulous. It really is solid.






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