Best Book Covers Week 3 of October

Best Book Covers Oct. 16-22

Oct 16: Bright Ruin by Vic James. Light is a powerful tool to draw the eye, and so are lines. So the directional lines of force on this are powerful. Give me a splash of overlaid colors on a nicely framing backdrop, and you have something strong.








Oct. 17: The Phoenix Empress by K. Arsenault Rivera. I love the energy of this cover. Not a fan of red text, but at least the contrast makes it legible. The detail and power conveyed by that horse is worthy of note all by itself.








Oct. 18: Pathogen Protocol by Darren D. Beyer. I like the light and color of this book. The sparks on the back of that craft look cool. The landscape is good scifi. I’m not a fan of the text or the red haze, but it’s legible. The figure is well rendered and has good detail. It’s a solid cover.






Oct. 19: Shin by T. Cook. It’s simple, but the light is wonderful. Look at the fact that you can see the detail in the foot, sword and pants. Depending on the monitor you use, you might have to look close, but you can see the separation. That’s meticulous work. The web is cool. The font works. These things all add up to a cover that really catches the eye.






Oct. 20: Stolen Princess by Kelly St Clare. Sure, it’s a standard portrait cover, but the designer knows how light works, and the detail is fantastic. The light is great. The background is interesting and helps draw the viewer to the center figure. The text is a tad bright in my opinion, but that’s debatable. All in all, it’s an interesting cover.






Oct. 21: The Enceladus Mission by Brandon Q. Morris. You don’t see a lot of planetary landscapes these days. It’s not original, and I won’t pretend it is. However, it’s a beautifully rendered landscape with a captivating background and a lovely little silhouette capping it off just to make me happy. It’s solid work.






Oct. 22: Unrelenting Tide by Alexa Dare, Author . This has pretty much every check the “dystopian future” cover can have, but the light and rendering of that water is awesome! I love how it surrounds the figure. I almost always hate backs of heads (and I actually do hate that aspect of this cover) but dystopian covers use that so the reader can imagine herself as that person. It’s just an aspect of the genre that can’t be ignored. Back to that water, you notice how the tip of her hair touches the tip of the water? It’s just perfect composition.




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