Best Book Covers Week 3 of November

Best Book Covers Nov. 13-19

Best book coversNov. 13: Out of the Night by  Jonathan C. Blazer. I love this design. The figure/ground of this is outstanding. I love how the birds lead the eye around to the other visual elements while still establishing tension. It’s not overly complex, but it’s effective.







Best book coversNov. 14: Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb, author. I love the detail in the dress. The headless look is discomforting in the right ways. The light is good. I don’t normally like drop shadows on text, but here the shadow of the words “Daughters” follows the light on everything else, so rather than just being a tacky way of helping the text stand out, it makes the text look like a part of the scene.





Best book coversNov. 15: Deprecated by Michael Karr. I like this take on a portrait cover. The pixelation sort of reminds me of Pointillism. It fits the genre perfectly. The eye is right where it needs to be, as is the light. Text is a bit hard to read, but it is legible (if barely). When concept matches genre, you’re on the right track.





Best book coversNov. 16: The Clock Strikes by Sean Cunningham. I love the haunting energy of this book. The background is perfect and the detail in each and every bird is stunning. The light is awesome, and the text fits the genre. It’s a great cover.







Best book coversNov. 17: An Echo of Darkness by Kristen Banet.
So this reminds me of Tomb Raider, and I like that. It might be too much like Tomb Raider, but because I like the new games and movie, I don’t care. The light does a great job of shaping the figure’s muscles. The contrast is perfect. The splash of color helps draw the eye. The text fits the genre and is well placed. It’s a solid cover.





Best book coversNov. 18: Burn by Adrianne Lemke.
I love the anime feel to this cover. The text is perfect. The “painting with light” technique is very well done. I love the blurred action in the background (which adds to the whole “slow-shutter” thing. (Basically, when you’re a photographer and shoot with a slow shutter, the image has that motion blur effect that’s so cool.) The rim light is cool, and the power this dude generates “fills” in the shadow created by the backlight, which is awesome.




Best book coversNov. 19: The Mage’s Son by T. Ariyanna.
The light on this image is solid. I’m not personally a fan of the green, but it is a color that will draw the eye. The background is solid. It’s most effective because of the genre it’s in, but that’s the whole point of a cover.






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