Best Book Covers: Week 3 of August 2018

Best Book Covers Week 3: Aug. 14-20

Best Book CoversAug. 14: Make Bright the Arrows by Starla Huchton Author Page. Text-based covers are the hardest to pull off. They require (arguably) the least amount of effort but the (arguably) most amount of skill. This image uses bold colors on a clean background and angles them to create depth. I’m not actually sure what that is at the bottom, but it’s not a distraction. I just like having the chance to show how effective simple text can be when people think of it as a design element rather than, “that thing we slap on top of the cover.”





Best Book CoversAug. 15: Doppelgänger Girl by TR Woodman Books. I like the unbalanced nature of this cover. I like that the figures are at least looking in each other’s direction (if not at each other). The spot color is attractive, and that title text is some of the best I’ve seen in a while. I love how it’s used as a visual element of the cover. If I had to knock on something, I’d point out the light isn’t that dynamic, but the other qualities of this cover really make up for it.






Best Book Covers

Aug. 16:  Before She Sleeps by Bina Shah. This landscape is interesting and pleasing to the eye. I love the contrast and the detail of the figures. It’s not very telling, at least not without context, but it catches the eye, which does the trick.






Best Book CoversAug. 17: They Don’t Advertise for Killers by #KaisAlkuraishi.
I’ll admit I like the title most of all, but this is another well done, text-based cover. I live the use of size and figures to break up the text. The color works because of the plain background. The texture on the text adds a bit of energy.






Best Book CoversAug. 18: Fallout by Jacqueline Druga. I don’t normally like backs of heads, but this figure isn’t that dominant in the frame, and I am a fan of the composition and feel of the cover. The vignetting thing is sort of overdone for me, and the red text above is hard to read. However, the composition of those parachutes and the farmer really capture a great tone and feel.






Best Book CoversAug. 19: Goldenmark by Jean Lowe Carlson. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen a good landscape cover. Landscapes are all about light and a human element that’s identifiable, but not obstructive. This cover has all of that. I’m not sure what those twinkles are, but they don’t bother me too much. The centered elements work here because of the foreground and background layering, which gives depth (in addition to the shadow). This cover is solid.






Best Book CoversAug. 20: The End of All Our Exploring and Other Stories by Brett Cox. I think this is a visually unique concept. Sort of reminds me of Where the Sidewalk Ends. The figure is placed perfectly. The stairs lead us from her to the title text. Not a fan of the pulled quote being in the stairway’s space, but that’s a nitpicky issue.






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