Best Book Covers Week 2 of October

Best Book Covers Oct. 9-15

Oct 9: Dawn of War by Aaron Hodges. Dragons are cool. They can’t just be dragons though (well, maybe for me that would be enough). The truth is you need solid detail, light, composition, and/or color. I’m of the opinion that a cover with something cool can get more forgiveness if it has one of the actual elements that make a quality design. This cover has good detail. The light is a tad flat for me, and the composition could be better (the title text overlaps the dragon’s jaw, and that text doesn’t have to be that large since it’s that bright). Still, good detail of a cool thing makes a good cover.




Oct. 10: Until Nothing Remains by Author C.A.Rudolph. This is a nice text-based cover with a city-scape twist. The splash of yellow is enough to catch the eye and not too powerful to hold it. The tilted (sometimes called a Dutch) skyline is necessitated (and therefore appropriate) to fit that visual element in with the sub head (the smaller part of the title text). Solid design.






Oct. 11: Fight for Survival by Ryan Casey. I like the feel of this book. I don’t normally like backs of heads, but I don’t mind it so much here. The light is sublte, but that’s awesome in this case. Honestly the photographer in me is geeking out over the splash of light on that backpack. The composition is just perfect. Notice how the sling of that rifle doesn’t impose on the kneeling subject’s space. The texture of the background is interesting. Sure, the city scape could be more interesting, but when you think about it, the subjects would still be covering most of it, so why worry over it?





Oct. 12: The Stronger Half by Jeff Coleman. This cover stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s haunting. Some may argue the people in that guy’s stomach are creepy, but I’d retort by saying it’s a horror book, it’s supposed to creep you out. The light is good. The figures are perhaps a bit odd, but given the genre that might be intensional. Still, if it stops me cold, and this one did, it’s an effective cover.






Oct. 13: Shadow Squadron by Aleister Davidson. I like the tonality of this. The background is surprisingly not distracting. The texture on the armor is what initially caught my eye, and then I saw the cool stuff going on in the background. That’s how it’s supposed to go.







Oct. 14: River Into Darkness by Sean Russell.
Landscapes are just a touch better with small (non-distracting) human elements. I love that one figure is between letters but not on a letter. It connects the valley to the hill and the title text to the rest of the design. The light could probably be better if I’m being honest, but the lines of force and cool colors are worthy of mention.







Oct. 15: Austral by Paul McAuley. That solar flair does something for me. That perfect circle is captivating. The landscape and the downed plane with the figure creates a tension that’s honestly well conceived. It’s certainly not elaborate, but it is effective. Note the pulled quote right next to the figure. That’s good placement. The neutral color on the lower half really works with the blue of the sky too. I’d call this simplistically beautiful.






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