Best Book Covers Week 2 of November

Best Book Covers Nov. 6-12

Best Book CoversNov. 6: Resist by John Scalzi and seven other authors. This is a nice classic cover that harkens to classic scifi. The text is well positioned. I love how it looks like an old campaign (or if you prefer protest) poster. The color scheme is brilliant.








Best Book CoversNov. 7: Scorpion by Kyle Mata. This has nice framing and color. The figure doesn’t have the most detail I’d like to see, but it’s obviously a stylistic choice rather than a failure to execute, so while I don’t like the style myself, I can appreciate that it does work for the concept. The light, however, is fantastic. The figure is lit and the background separates the figure from the background. The framing and light make this cover stand out.






Best Book Covers
Nov. 8: How to Fracture a Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen.The colors aren’t my favorite, but they are strong, and they do (admittedly) work together. I like the line art. I like how the text is positioned. It’s a creative use of line art and color.







Best Book CoversNov. 9: Someone Like Me by M. R. Carey. Reflections can be clever, and this one (while probably not original) works. It’s muted background forces the eye to look at the figure and the title text, and that’s solid. These elements combine to make an effective cover.






Best Book CoversNov. 10: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson.
Note the light on the subject’s face. We’d call that a snoot in the photography world. It’s that little kiss of light that lets us see her face. The light is subtle, but it’s great. The design is simplistic, but effective. The detail is good. The background is interesting without being overpowering. Besides, I’ll never say no to a Sanderson book.






Best Book CoversNov. 11: Black Snow Falling by L.J. MacWhirter. I like contrast, and this black-and-white scheme really works for me. I like the detailed line art in the background, and I really like that it was grayed out. The text works for this cover. Honestly, I’m most tickled by the snowflake in the letter “O.” I like it when designers think of text as a visual element, and this works.







Best Book CoversNov. 12: Archenemies by Marissa Meyer.
The contrast of warm and cool colors here is very strong. The figures in the red really come alive when you give the cover a longer look. The figures in blue stand out. I wish the text was a bit smaller. I think it’s somewhat overpowering, but what can you do? You need readers to see the title of your book. This cover uses color to create tension, and it does that well.





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