Best Book Covers: Week 2 of August 2018

Best Book Covers – Week Two – Aug. 8-13

Best Book CoversAug. 8

The Mind Virus by Donna Freitas.
I love the color of this. The lines and the figures in the background are cool. The font is a bit hard to read, but I can. I wish I had an eyeball with the dominant figure, that’s my biggest knock on it.




Best Book CoversAug. 9

White Mind by EmmaStallings. I think that design is fascinating (the figure). I like the author text, but I’m absolutely no fan of the title text. That diamond shape really yanks the eye away from that amazingly detailed figure. Still, that figure alone deserves recognition.




Best Book CoversAug. 10

The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken.
I love the style of art. This “sketched” technique stands out. The duo-tone is something I like as well. The title text holds up. Not sure how I feel about the silhouetted city scape on the bottom, but it doesn’t distract.




Best Book CoversAug. 11

Out of Sight by Matthew S. Cox. The title text is the only thing I don’t like about this cover. I absolutely love the light and the blurred action in the background is wonderful. It’s great separation and emphasizes the subject well. I absolutely love how the shadow of the hood is there, but softened so we can see the subject’s face. This is a wonderful cover.




Best Book CoversAug. 12

Something Wicked by K.T. Davies. I don’t typically like images where we can’t see a face, but the composition of this cover is simply so strong. It has a great foreground (the first figure), middle ground (the doors), and background (the other figure). It creates depth. The detail of the lines gives the image great energy. It really stood out to me.




Best Book CoversAug. 13

The Shadow Minds Journals by Kia Carrington-Russell.
I absolutely love this composition. It has a wonderfully haunting tone and feel. Normally, we don’t want the subject facing off the frame, but in the horror genre, people do that to build tension (usually right before the bad guy appears behind her). The light is wonderful.





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