Best Book Covers Week 1 of September

Best Book Covers Sept. 1-3

Sept. 1:  The Warden of Everfeld: Momento by Steven DAdamo.
Warm colors draw the eye, so the background here serves to capture attention while the detail and composition serve to hold the eye. The contrast needs a bit of work, and I’m not a fan of that text by any stretch of the imagination. Still, those warm colors and the energy created by the ponytail help bring this cover together.




Sept. 2: Moonfall by Donna Maree Hanson .
This image has a lot of color. Some may argue too much, but I actually like it. It’s a solid color study using warmer tones. The dragon helps! The composition works. I like that I see the planet, the dragon, and it all fits in its own space.





Sept. 3: City of Cinders by Kendrai Meeks. The light here catches the eye. I actually like the text, which is rare for me. I always like it when an artist renders a woman’s hair with a bit of energy. Little strands or lochs of hair do a lot. The power looks cool. The background is interesting. There’s a lot to like about this cover.





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