Best Book Covers Week 1 of November

Best Book Covers Nov. 1-5

Nov. 1: All the Lonely People by All the Lonely People.
This has a nice Abby Road feel with a great color twist. I love the way the figures work with the text. The layering (subtle, but awesome) gives it depth and context. The contrast of bright and dark really pulls in the eye. This is just a clever concept done well.







Nov. 2: Nemesis Book 6 by David Beers.
This cover is sneaky dynamic. It has color, detail and one of those silhouettes I love so much. The text is a bit boring, but it’s well placed. This is the kind of cover a guy could stare at for a while and still find cool things to look at.






Nov. 3: Mage Against the Machine by Shaun Barger.
This feels so much like a movie poster. It’s dynamic. I love the center portion of the image. I love how the text is perfectly placed in the negative space. I love the color. In short, I love everything about it.







Nov. 4: A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne Harris. This is a beautifully detailed cover that maximizes contrast and color. Check out the birds in the background as well. The framing line art is intricate. It feels like an old school illuminated novel.






Nov. 5: Ashes Slowly Fall by Katya Lebeque Smith. This is simply a perfect example of what figure/ground should look like. It’s also a perfect example of how text doesn’t just have to be slapped onto a cover, but can be placed in a spot where it adds to the appeal of the cover rather than just offers a title and author name. All my compliments to this designer.







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