Best Book Covers: Week 1 of August 2018

Best Book Covers: Week 1 of August 2018

Best Book CoversAug. 1

Something Always Remains by ME! Well, the cover art is by Collin Fogel, but I did the text! Happy release day! I’m proud to have a more regular publishing schedule, and I’m, more importantly, proud of these titles. This cover was something we’d discussed for the complete version of the story (all three parts in one book called The Journals of Bob Drifter). We ultimately went with a more subtle concept because the third part was the only mostly-action-oriented part of the book. So when we decided to publish each individual part, this concept was easy. I love the tension. Collin always had a great idea on what Grimm looked like. He gave me a lot of room to place the title text. It might be a bit larger than it has to be, but it doesn’t cover the main part of the image, and it’s legible. I think Bob’s Greatest Mistake is probably my favorite of the three, but they’re all amazing, and this is a great final image to Bob’s story.


Best Book CoversAug. 2

Born to the Blade by Michael R. Underwood and two others.

What I like about this is it feels like a DVD box set cover, which is exactly what this is, only in literary form. This is “The Complete Season One.” I really love the concept and the composition. I normally hate red text on a cover, but when it’s the only text and it’s against a white(ish) background, the issue of legibility is addressed. I love the detail of the tiny trees and buildings.




Best Book CoversAug. 3

The Girl in the Cloak by #FAFisher.
I like the light in this cover. I think it’s controlled well. The energy of the cover is nice too. Sure, we could knock the fact that we don’t have eyes, but this sort of concept is pretty common in the genre, so the light has to stand out. I think the background deserves some merit as well. It’s not original, but it is well executed.





Best Book CoversAug. 4

Ash Addict by Al K. Line.
I’ve liked a few covers from this series. It has the same elements. The detail in the flames are cool. I still like the #Dresden feel of the covers. Detail and cool light always draw the eye, so I’ll probably think highly of all these covers.





Best Book CoversAug. 5

They’re Here by Ian Deakin, Author.
This is incredibly simplistic, but man is that light beautiful. The title text is legible. The tonality (range of light) is perfect. I can’t express enough how far a simple concept will go.






Best Book CoversAug. 6

Air Mage by #PatriciaJones and #APGore.
This image has a decent arrangement of elements. The spotlight is kind of cool. The backdrop at least adds a little information. It’s okay.






Best Book CoversAug. 7

Between Frost and Fury by #ChaniLynnFeener.
I like the positioning of the lower silhouette, as it creates a line to the other figure. I actually like the font. Some might argue they don’t like the “and,” but I’d defend it. It was a risk I felt worked out. The splashes of color add a bit of power.





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