Support Your Favorite Author In 5 Simple Ways

With as many comic cons as Joshua and I go to, we find it surprising how many people ask us for some ways to support your favorite author?  And it’s a good question! I mean, actually buying the books is a given, but there are other ways, and most of them don’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time! Let’s look at 5 ways to support your favorite author!

Call your local library and bookstore.

As authors, we don’t have the same power as readers do. If we call libraries, they 5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authorask for donations rather than order a handful of books. Don’t get me wrong! We do love to donate books, but we can only donate so many before it encroaches on our ability to make money. We need to sell more books to be able to afford to donate more books. It’s a cruel cycle.

Review the books you read.

Amazon reviews are way more helpful than you can even imagine. Many readers turn away from a book when they see only a few reviews, because why would a reader want to spend money on a book they’re not certain they’ll even like? Support your favorite author through Amazon reviews and Goodreads reviews.

Support your favorite author through Patreon.

Not every author has a Patreon account, but for those who do, it is by far one of the greatest ways to support a writer. Through Patreon, you are donating a monthly amount that goes to the cost of editors, cover design, marketing, and more. Authors spend anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for creating a sellable book. Without these costs, the books won’t sell!

Social Media.

Talk about the book(s) on social media! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the most popular ways to spread the news about what you’re doing and what you love. They reach more than just those in your immediate day-to-day, including entirely other countries! Take pictures of the book, or just post a simple comment with the title and author.

Word of Mouth.

Word of mouth has been the best way to support your favorite author. When you’re telling your peers about a book, they have an extra level of trust you can’t get online. Your word is taken more seriously by mouth, and any hardcore reader will want to have a book they can share a conversation about.

5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? So the next time you find an author you love, support their work in one of these five ways. Authors depend on their readers to be able to spread their hard work and passion to the public. They can’t do it all themselves, as much as they may think they can! Money can only buy so much!

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