1000 Words a Day

1000 Words a Day

Writing 1000 Words a Day is a concept many try to stray from. There seems to be some kind of idea going around that writing fast, and in large doses, does not produce quality in general. Though that is true for the most part, it’s not always true.

I’ve recently posted on Facebook about how I wrote four thousand words in five hours, and I received many thoughts and questions like, “How do you do it?”

“Do you know what you’re going to write before you get to the computer?”

“Don’t you tire out your brain?”

Let me say, first off, that it is not an every day happening for me.

So, how does a writer get it done?

It’s all in the head.

A writer’s best friend is their imagination, and daydreaming is the key. The more time spent with your mind on your book–or 1000 Words a Dayrather, a specific scene–the more you will know what you will be putting on paper when you’re sitting at the computer.

Doing dishes? Put yourself into the shoes of your character, imagine the scene around you, and talk out loud. Think about what your character would logically say or do, according to his/her personalty and the circumstances surrounding the character.

This can also be done while folding laundry, vacuuming the stink out of your man cave, cooking food, or grabbing takeout. The thing is, your mind needs to be actively on the scene you are working on, so when you do get to the point of sitting in front of your computer, you know exactly what to write. Get your head in the clouds!

You need to be excited about your book.

The second thing that most don’t realize is that if you are not excited about what you are writing, you’re going to write badly and your readers will call you out on it. This ties back into the first point, too. If you’re excited about your project, your mind will be there. The words will come and your fingers will fly.

It’s less likely you’ll tire out your brain as fast, too!

An article about Patrick Rothfuss comes to mind where he had said at some point that writing The Kingkiller Chronicles is like “sitting at a plate of carrots.” It’s not fun anymore. It’s bland. It’s boring, while other projects are like eating cupcakes. How can anyone expect him to whip out another book if he’s not excited about it?

The point is, you don’t dawdle and you don’t bother working on something you’re not passionate about. If you have a deadline for a project you’re not excited about, then change something in the story. Take some time to build a new, fresh idea that will get your jollies going. Sitting around and getting frustrated about not getting your word count could instead be you spending the day working through your scene and story. That way, when you do get there, you’ll have in mind what you’re doing.

That’s all it really takes.

“But what if I can’t type fast?”

Okay, I guess that’s a legit concern. But there are ways around that. Most computers these days have the ability to use voice-to-text, so you can speak your next scene and have it written down for you. And in the meantime, you can sit your booty down and practice your typing skills. Or, handwrite what you can! Some people find they’re faster with a pen, and then take the time later to put into text what they have written…edit it at the same time! You know the saying; “hitting two birds with one stone.”

Either way, if you take the time to daydream and think your way through your scene, it’s going to come to you quickly. Sure it may not always be gold that you’re getting out, but it’s something you can use. Even if you end up with a thousand words you don’t like, you’re still getting a sense of direction, and that’s what you really want in the end. You want to be moving forward in your project. Stagnancy does not get a book written.

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